What do No More Heroes, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill have in common? These games all had people involved who have recently helped to create Shadows of the Damned. Suda51, Shinji Mikami, and Akira Yamaoka are 3 of Japan's development geniuses whose talents as executive directors, creative producers and developing music have created the City of the Damned that the protagonist, Garcia Hotspur, must face.

There are similarities between Shadows of the Damned and the previous work of its creators. With an awesome soundtrack from the music creator of Silent Hill, it is hard to ignore the the diversity incorporated with Spanish guitar, hip-hop beats and organ music. The game is complete with the humor Suda51 is known for in games like No More Heroes and Killer 7. Finally the playability and controls resemble Mikami's work in Resident Evil 4.

Since the game's release, reviews have been all over the Internet and these 3 big names in gaming have all been mentioned. Do you think their collaboration works? What do you think of Shadows of the Damned?

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